07 November 2009

The Plan

The Plan was to ~
  • put up the tent in the backyard
  • pick up some marshmallows via grocery store
  • start a fire to roast the said marshmallows
  • play inside tent all day
  • bring new broom, puzzles, cards, bow and arrow and the camelbak into the tent
(the bow and arrow, just in case there were any coyotes)
  • have chai tea and cheesy feet for snacks
  • bring hand and head lamps
  • as soon as it became dark, get in tent
And that we did, until midnight that is.

roasting mallows

Oscar has never liked to sleep with covers on, not even outside when it's almost freezing.
So, after a long 4 hours of him sleeping and me covering up his freezing body, we headed inside.

Before falling asleep though there were lots of stories told, star gazing, flashlights flashing and lots of giggles as we settled into our sleeping bags for the cold night ahead.

I have very fond memories of going camping with my family and as I got older, my friends.
So, how could I pass up sweet blue eyes asking me if I wanted to camp out with him that night.
I couldn't.

blue eyes

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  1. What fun! We love to camp too - Scout always kicks his covers off too...