05 November 2009

Dumped Milk

Last week I witnessed 110 gallons of raw milk being dumped out on a friends farm. It was a very emotionally charged gathering but in a different way such a beautiful thing to have witnessed. Like minded folks joining together in hopes to bring about change.
If you would like to read more on this story you can find more information here.







I am hopeful for the future the Georgia will turn around this law and let people eat and drink what they chose within their own homes!

in hopes,


  1. The dog picture made me smile - crazy eyes...

  2. This is a great post, thank you for sharing. We have an organic and raw milk farm right behind our neighborhood here in Colorado, and I can not imagine not being able to have it.

  3. hey ansley...just read the article...and i am sitting here amazed...i knew raw milk was "illegal" which honestly sounds funny even saying....but i had no idea someone would go to such lengths to prevent the sale of it....to people it sounds like very much knowledgeable about the product they are receiving...it seems un-american and intolerant. please let me know what come of the case and if there are any petitions or anything i can attend that might be another body supporting a freedom...
    hope you are doing so well...i honestly keep thinking of meeting up and buying some soap!!! and just catching up and chatting....let me know when you have a free morning or afternoon..whatever..i'd love to come out...o! and while i'm here using up all your comment space =) we are having a nativity carol night with desserts and cello music on the 12th of dec at 5:30...in the cob...i'd love it if you came!