03 November 2009

A Little Sauerkraut

We were gifted a lovely big cabbage from a dear friend. And as do most my veggies, it sat on the counter for a week before I unwrapped the bag to find the cabbage inside. It was still just as fresh as when I had received it. I thought about making some cabbage soup, never tried it or made it. But I settled for some sauerkraut. It was a hit with Oscar, he helped shred it, pound it, taste it and jar it.
I loved being able to connect with him on this level of making food. It is now and has been so important to me for Oscar to know where food comes from and the process it goes through so that we are able to eat or drink it.


sauerkraut pressing

sauerkraut jars

I love that he loves sauerkraut!

Have a lovely hump day!


  1. YUM - we love saurkraut (Scout too) - you'll have to post your recipe.

  2. Oscar is too cool for school!