12 November 2009

Caps For Sale

Chad and I started giving Oscar an allowance for doing some simple chores around the house ~like keeping his room clean, feeding the dogs etc. And since then, he has, very diligently saved his money and spent some when he really wants to buy a toy or a book.

We started reading Caps For Sale and this thing in him happened.
I now have an entrepreneur on my hands.
wanted to sell caps, then rocks, flowers and their seeds, golf balls, paper clips strung together to make necklaces anything that was going to him earn money.
So he set up shop on the back porch, set out his wares, money holder, pens, paper and chair. He sat. And sat. And waited for Chad to get home that night. Knowing that Dad (of course) will come around back to buy something from his shop. And that he did, which made Oscar a very happy boy.

O's stand

caps for sale

The next day, I bought a cap, some rocks, some flower petals, a broken game piece, that I'm sure can be used for something else. (that's how it was sold to me) and a 'signed' golf ball.
Friends and family, very sweetly, paid visits to support Oscar's shop. For 4 straight days he set up shop and sold something everyday.
It started to rain the following days, so he closed up shop.

flower petals for sale

flower 'guts' for sale

Maybe it'll open again soon.
I may need some more flower seeds soon!
Here's to accomplishment and some motivation for me!


  1. <3 That Oscar is so very adorable!! I am not surprised though. He has his mama's ingenuity! Thanks for help this morning getting to ACE! We had a fun (but exhausting) time! : )

  2. so sweet, he is such a bright and vibrant child...i loved watching he and ian play

  3. So very sweet! : )
    What a beautiful boy!
    I love that he has a shop of his very own!

  4. How cute!! Sounds like he has the perfect location for his little shop. My girls love to sell flowers as pretend play, and could spend the entire day working in their flower shop.