01 November 2009

Been Caught Casting

Do you ever wake up to singing a song in your head?
I do, just about every morning.
Like a dream it only sticks around for a short amount of time.
This morning it was Been Caught Stealing...you know by Jane's Addiction
Although I'm not stealing, just on a knitting binge and maybe a little Jane's binge.

Anyway, I love this Ears of Grain pattern. The yarn I picked up a while ago without a project in mind, just found the color irresistible. I'm glad I found a project that was fit for it!
It does have a ton of steps, but it's so beautiful, especially with some Debbie Bliss.

washcloth knit1

This fabulous book, which I lovelovelove. I hear there is One MORE Skein out which I can't wait to dive into. Besides all the pretty pictures in One Skein, there are quick, simple projects or more challenged and longer ones for you to cast your needles onto.
I love this simple little "candy wrapper" sachet. I filled mine with a little lavender in a muslin bag and tied up the ends with some left over yarn. loveit.

sachet knit



  1. I love the pattern - and all the fall goodness too...

  2. Jane's Addiction is always a good inner soundtrack