28 January 2009


I'm teaching a soap making class at the Botanical Gardens tonight. If you are local and interested in participating in a class keep your eye on their website under the educational programs evening class. They offer a wide variety of classes and require you to pre-register.

Friends, have a lovely hump day!


  1. Thanks for the promo! See you tonight.

  2. hi! thanks for stopping by birch swinging.. i see you too are a blue yonder fan! hope you come back again and i'll stop by here. i like what i've seen... and btw, the yarn is just some cheapy red heart acrylic. it is the first thing i have ever knit... a scarf for one of my boys, so i just liked the colors. not the softest stuff really, but better to make mistakes on 2.50 a skein yarn!

  3. oh i would love to learn how to make soap! and it looks so pretty there! and what beautiful photos! im in the market for a new camera, and i have to ask, what kind do you have?

  4. Just checking in...very nice on the photos.

  5. hello mystery person....thanks for stopping by!