19 January 2009

Our Long Weekend

And a mighty fine one it was! We enjoyed a day with good friends that have two boys a few years older than O. (which he just loves!) They took to each other really like life long cousins.

O has never been the one to dig in the dirt for bugs. But was soon 'taught' how to catch worms from his new friends. Now there is no fear in digging in the earth finding grubs! It's really a beautiful thing to watch your child learn something new about themselves.

The boys ran up and down hills after one another with such pure innocence and happiness.

Us mamas sat in the field outside in the cool but sunny winter day and just life be.

We had our first fire of the year outside this afternoon and enjoyed eating smores and toasted marshmallows. There is nothing better than a cleansing fire in the middle of the day!

I hope your long weekend was just as fun and magical!

until tomorrow friends

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