16 January 2009

Family Art Wall

Since painting the walls in more than half of our house, all of our art and paintings have come down off the wall. They are set in a pile in our office just waiting for their perfect spot, to be framed or for another wall to be painted so they can be hung.
I had been wanting to get some of O's paintings framed so after doing so they found their place on our living space wall.

This begins our family art wall. I love it and am excited about the future for our family art wall!

Have a beautiful weekend


  1. Looks awesome! And yay for painting! I know you guys were deliberating over the colors for a while ; )


  2. What a great idea, Ansley...that one in the middle is especially striking in the bold black frame. Looks better than anything in the TAte Modern. You could sell it. I'm not kidding! Always wonderful, the goings-on at your house!


  3. That's great! I'm holding off on hanging too much more in this house, but look forward to when we move.
    I'd love to get together next week, if you guys have some time. Enjoy this brisk weekend!

  4. Best art of all is made by children.