06 January 2009

Sightings and Self Portroit Tuesday

First off, did anyone see the planets last week?
I took (or shall I say, tried) a few shots on the way to dinner taking while riding in the car.
So, this is what I got of the moon and Venus. It was actually quite a sight to see. Venus was right close to the moon and below that a ways was Mercury and Jupiter.
I took a few shots of these planets but I had to magnify by about 500% to see the 2 small
dots in the sky. So tiny.

Today, (which I know is late), is the day I started self portriat Tuesday. I want to really work on my photography, a new years resolution, and what a better way then to have 'homework' each week, fun homework.

Here is a photo from the holidays taken at my parents house.

Below is one similar I took when pregnant with O.
I dig these types of portraits.

until tomorrow


  1. No I didn't see the planets...was it late last week? Probably not visible from this latitude...how did you make those streams in the picture? Very interesting self-portraits...they remind me of a painter whose name I cannot think of and the way he distorted the shapes of his females...I don't know why it also reminds me of Paul Gaugin.

    It's a really neat idea, I wonder if you could experiment with finding different surfaces to play the shadow against?

    I want to work on my photography too this year. My main focus is: Capturing Light.


  2. i love the shadow pictures! i've taken some of those, too.

    and the planets - wow! i've been watching the sky more lately, it seems. so beautiful!

  3. I love shadow pictures too!