09 January 2009

Our Newest Housemate

We didn't need yet another animal to feed and take care of....but, we got one.
O and I actually got him before Christmas, an unplanned trip to the mall of all places. I didn't think to 'prep' him, "we are not getting anything here, just swapping out pj's" kind of deal. So, I guess I got what I asked for.....a hermit crab.
He's not really a terribly needy housemate. He doesn't ask for much, just fresh water and some fresh fruit.
He also looks adorable in his soccer ball house.....what O loved about him in the first place.
So, we let him out to run around a couple times a day, he's happy, we're happy.
His name is easy enough, it's Hermie.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend....mine, hope it gets better.


  1. bitsofsunshine.typepad.com11 January, 2009

    how has your weekend been? better than it started? i hope so.

    and that crab is pretty fun!

  2. wow!!! We have had our hermit crabs for a few months now. you know they are social so it is best to have at least 2.