02 October 2008

Rock Crayons B&A

We received these really cool "river rocks" from a friends online shop. We were so excited to get them, having to wait for them to be ordered then to actually arrive. The excitement and and anticipation was actually done by myself. I wanted those cool rock crayons as a back-up plan. You know, like a rainy day activity or I-need-a-break kind of activity when I can reach into my magic bag and pull out a surprise. Doesn't every mom have one of those bags...may not be a bag, but some places around the house that hold activities? I know that I have a few hidden places!
Anyways, they did turn out to be a much loved art supply for O. Coloring in big strokes instead of small lines that I assume he will like a little later in his young life.

Enough of crayon talk.

I'm off this weekend to celebrate my anniversary with my hubby...6 married years.....

Wishing everyone a weekend as lovely as hopefully mine will be!

Till next week


  1. Congrats on 6 years! We will celebrate the same in March. I was checking out those rock crayons on Sandy's site the other day. I'm glad to hear they are as cool as they look. I'm going to put them on E's birthday/christmas list. Hope to see you soon!

  2. happy anniversary!

    an anniversary is ALWAYS something to celebrate!

    have fun with each other!

  3. Have a wonderful anniversary, take joy in the new year of ever-growing union that opens before you...

    I hear Oscar is at your mom's this weekend...what an intuitive, loving, thoughtful, bright, curious little boy he is! True artist's heart.

    From Erin, now in Georgia!
    James is still in Scotland and will be back and forth for awhile.

  4. Those rock crayons are really neat!