17 October 2008


My camera is back home.
I feel like a girl in a yarn store......

Such excitement fell over me I couldn't help myself from taking pictures of
even myself folding laundry!

I usually use a dresser drawer to make my soap. I have for years, well, for as long as I have made soap. I did have a friend make some "soap molds" for me but I never could adjust so, I fell back into the same ole mold. Which I actually love the 'same ole molds'. They work for me. Ya know, it's similar to finding worn jeans at the Goodwill, they are worn in, not need to give them special care, like putting them in the dryer or washing with like colors, they've been there.
However, I sometimes think of making soap and pouring into individual molds. I like the look of this, they are guaranteed to be one size, uniform.
So, I splurged the other day and bought one mold that holds 4 soaps. I used it last week and really like it. Even my husband noticed the soap at the sink. He says he likes the shape and size of it. I just think it looks pretty.
I'm not ditching my other way of soap making just adding this to the pot.
Maybe more will come out of this experiment.
We shall see.
Looking forward to next week.....a Holiday Soap Giveaway!
Have a lovely weekend


  1. what kind of soap give away are we talking about here??? I could always use more of your soap. Is that the give away?

    We had so much fun up there and even now was thinking that we didn't even get to hang much.

  2. hurray for your camera being back home!