16 October 2008

Things I'm diggin

We've been trying to enjoy this lovely weather with me being sick again. I think I'm totally depressed missing my camera! Sad.

However, even through this cold, I've been waking up to the sound of this in my head.

I've been really digging these awesome pictures on Flickr. I really would love to be as good as him! One day.....maybe.

O and I have been enjoying eating apple butter on homemade scones.

Can't wait to visit the pumpkin patch and get some pie pumpkins for making some pies or butter or soup.....something good will come out of it.

Every year I make a pumpkin soup that I got from here. It's very rich and oh so tasty, especially with the relish, you can't do it without the relish!

And I broke out the pomegranates last week and made some pudding with pomegranate.

Ah....I can really taste Fall.....

Must call camera shop.....
until next time


  1. Ansley,

    I had forgotten all about Baby Beluga! I remember that from when I was Oscar's age! I'm pretty sure my mother used to go around singing it...just like her. I'm so sorry you're without your camera...I also have become thoroughly addicted. And any moment without it always feels like a missed opportunity!

    I have a Japanese friend on Flickr who takes the most incredible pictures and always accompanies them with really charming little, haiku-like, poetical, whimsical words. She's here:


  2. bitsofsunshine.typepad.com16 October, 2008

    i also have a list on my blog today . . i'll take the time to follow all your links another day - just wanted to leave a bit of sunshine for you . .

  3. i also love that flickr stream - i have his blog linked from mine - it's called 'sisters'