19 October 2008

Cool Bike Helmet and a Giveaway

Alright ya'll, I don't know where I found this site but check out this helmet!
Ride in total style with this cool bike helmet.

I'm loving this weather so much. It's perfect to sit outdoors all day, just a cup of hot tea in the morning to warm the hands, maybe a blanket or in my case, my robe. We fill as much space on our 'picnic' blanket with our projects; yarn, books, trains, trucks, drinks, snacks and occasionally a dog or two. As the day moves forward, it gets warmer till you don't need the blanket/robe or the tea to warm yourself. You have the sun, ball throwing, knitting, walks through the yard.
Ah....Fall.....please don't go away!

Although I am looking forward to building fires in the winter, these day are going to be sorely missed. Anyways, I hope you had a grand weekend. O and I headed over to a Harvest Potluck on Saturday after the Farmers Market and a good long nap. The gathering was put on by Eric who runs Locally Grown. And I thought I lived in the country. He owns a beautiful place with a river in his backyard.
We hung out by the cool River with our friends and collected shells, rocks, sticks, sand and wood.
O collected as many "mussels" that would fit inside of his overall pocket. When we arrived home he was drenched with water, dirt, sand and mussels that he hurried to put into his bug collector.
As the sun started to fade the we built a fire by the water. The kids helped collect sticks and wood for the fire and had a blast throwing them into the fire.

I hope you and yours had just as fun of a weekend and some beautiful weather reached you!

Oh yeah, I do have a surprise soap giveaway for one lucky reader. It is a giftable giveaway or can be all yours!
It entails filling out a comment with your favorite scent of soap or just in general, your favorite smell. Be sure to fill out your name and a way for me to contact you.
I will pick the winner on Friday afternoon.
Good Luck


  1. Sandalwood! mmmmm, love it!

    Christina : )
    you know where to find me : )

  2. Sounds like you are living in an idyll...yes we had a great weekend, my cousin got married up in Virginia and we saw Williamsburg and Jamestown gilt in autumn hues.

    Let's see, Grandma's favourite flower & one of mine...the sweetest blossom of the May...and the best smelling bar of soap I ever had...

    Lily of the Valley.

    I remember growing them in our garden in Devon, and noticing how right Wordsworth was---the playful winds of early spring cannot steal their scent from them. The little bell flowers hide beneath the woodland shade, and really getting to smell one is like making a little pilgrimage to the flower's home. You've got to get just up to it and enter the 'sanctum' of the blossom.

    My favourite one of your soaps is always the lavender.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful weekend! Ours was pretty low-key, but it was nice not to have any plans. This weekend, the Pumpkin Patch!
    Soap - probably lavender, but I love most any scent.
    It's nice to see the swapped clothes found a happy home on you, too!

  4. It's so hard to pick a favorite smell, but honeysuckle, lemon verbena, tea olive, rosemary and lavender are all right up there. Newly cleaned child smells wonderful. So do just-mopped floors (a rarity in this household, sadly). Also freshly baked pumpkin muffins, homemade soup, tomatoes and garlic and basil on toast...um, I think I'm hungry now.

  5. nice that you can still sit out in the morning. we're to cold for that now :(
    mmm, lilac or lavendar. also gardenia. love the florals! but then there's coconut! oh well. thanks for the fun!

  6. e says: lavender and clean linen. mmmmmmmm.

    i also have a giveaway going. *smile* visit me to sign up:

  7. ansley! let's please meet! this is clare from the green gate =) and i'd love to hang out ..let me know if you r up for it!

  8. Me too!

    I love your petitgrain surprise - is that what it's called? It's soooo yummy.

    And I think you know where to find me too...


  9. I NEED your soap. I would say that my favorite smell would be waking up early after camping and smelling the left over fire from the night before in the crisp air with the sound of a river braking over some rocks but i doubt you can make a soap out of that so i would say lavender/patchouli
    you can reach me at http://growingrileys.blogspot.com

  10. I love the bike helmet, kind of reminds me of a riding cap.

    My favorite soap smell is simple lavender.

  11. Ummm, rose is my favorite scent, then lavender. I keep rose soap (that my neighbor makes http://www.bonnydoonfarm.com/index.htm) in my dresser drawers; Yummy special treat for me and anyone who gets close to me.

    That helmet is so rad!