12 October 2008

Anniversary Weekend....Again

Ok....I know that my last post was regarding our anniversary trip but I didn't have the pictures downloaded onto my computer. So here are the promised pictures from last weekend.

This is the back porch swing where I spend most of my cabin time knitting, reading, watching the sun come up and having morning coffee in peace.

Here is a beautiful early morning watching the sun coming up. We were so high in the trees, and so far off of the single lane gravel road that I felt like we were living in a tree house for the weekend.

We visited an old graveyard, really stumbled upon it by accident. We were at Bessie Mae's doing some touristy kind of shopping and we were headed back to the car when I noticed a small dirt road behind the shop with a sign, "graveyard."
There were gravestones with no names, some with only a rock placed at the head and the feet. Some were dated back to the early 1700's. There were quite a few with hugh flat rock slabs stacked upon each other. This is where along the trip my lovely camera said, "memory card full" with a bright red light right in my eye! (Can't wait to get my camera back!)
Maybe I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures in the graveyard anyway.
There were a good plenty that were babies, only a few days old. I can only imagine what caused these babes to died so early.
It was really a beautiful place with my husband enjoying the history of it all.

We picked O and Sally up on our way home as you can see Sally found her a spot for the whole ride home. O was passed out as well....right out of the driveway!

I hope to return soon with some pictures from the mind with my fixed camera!
Stay tuned for a Holiday Giveaway and a Etsy shop update!
until next time


  1. Ansley,

    I love visited a graveyard and pondering all the lives and hopes and joys and sorrows which have been lived out, and will be lived out over again as we continue to live out the personal stories of ourselves. It is a very comforting place that makes nothing seem to matter overmuch.

    "All things pass; God does not change."

    --St. Theresa of Avila

  2. the cabin looks lovely! lovely. lovely.

    and i appreciate the quote that e.e. posted here . . .