23 October 2008

Pumpkins, Baby Blankets and a Winner

I have been rambling on and on about how lovely Fall has been to us....and so the ramblings continue!

In our weekly routine of going to the library we spotted a Pumpkin Patch across the street.
Killing time...having fun.
After story time we ventured over to where the festivities were being held. O has a fondness for the 'dotty' pumpkins. So he immediately picked out his favorite, which had warts all over. I have nothing against warts but this pumpkin had huge warts all over it.
He was asked by one of the guys managing the patch if he wanted to go on the hayride. He quickly said no thank you and walked the other way. O is the type of person that he fears the unknown.

Until I gently nudge him towards something, he'll try it with stiffness, and in the end loves it! So, with tears in his eyes and a frown on his face, he said he'll go, but "just one time around".

By the time we arrived back at the beginning point, he wanted to go again.
Loved it. And a new friend from the library bought O a pumpkin...... so good day, it was.

O brought me a chicken feather from the yard before we left for the library and it still had some morning dew on it. It's the simple things that are so beautiful to me.

I finally started on my brother's blanket for his soon-to-be baby due in November. I'm using the same pattern I'm working on for this blanket. I think they are pretty traditional so I picked out a beautiful heather pink O'Wool for the baby.

So.....Clare from The Green Gate is the winner for the soap giveaway.
Congrats Clare and I'll be in touch.
Have a Blessed Weekend


  1. Such a sweet blanket! ;) We missed you at the party yesterday! Btw, I dig your blog... ^.^

  2. i am soooo happy to be your winner!!!!!! and sooo happy that we are going to meet! =) what does your thursday look like? or today for that matter =)

  3. How cute baby blanket... I juts love it's color!!