07 October 2008

We're Back!

And what a lovely time we had....just me and my hubby. I didn't think about chores, what time it was, when to have dinner, what to have for dinner, when to go to bed, obviously I didn't have a care in the world.
We went out to dinner Friday night at a famtabulous restaurant in Dahlonega. Their website still states their old location however, they have moved to a bigger and better place with paintings from the late Rev. Howard Finster. The woman waiting on us was the wife to the chef, both owners (and a couple and their 5 kids I used to wait on at a restaurant in my prior life, in Cleveland). Every bite of food that was entered into my mouth was followed by a, "ah, umm, ohh". It was just simply delicious.

I had the Angel Hair Primavera (copied from website) which was eaten for lunch the following 2 days.
"Portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, grilled sweet corn and fresh garlic tossed in a spicy chipotle chili olive oil and topped with asiago cheese" topped with smoked hen. (smoked out back by the chef.)
I left there feeling like I had visited with old friends who had cooked dinner just for us!
Before leaving town we decided to top our weekend off with Brunch at Ricks. I had the Egg Sardue (?). It was a homemade biscuit with spinach and artichoke topped with 2 perfectly round poached eggs and a hollandaise sauce, hand cut potato fries, watermelon and grapes on the side. I really can't say enough great things about this place. So, if you are in the area, do yourself a favor and check them out!

We stayed at a lovely stay at a secluded cabin. It was really off the beaten track only 5 miles from town. So this made it convenient enough to drive into town to pick up some chocolate, wine or yarn. The back porch had a wooden swing which is where I spent most of my time in the early morning and afternoons.

The mountains were simply beautiful with bits of Fall poking through.
With such a beautiful time shared with my hubby it was time going home was right around the corner. I had to start mentally preparing for emotional breakdowns, crying over spilt milk, clothes, sunglasses, shoes being too tight, non-stop talking but also of picnics on the front porch, playing with friends, kissing hurt knees and elbows.
I did get renewed as a mother, wife but also of myself. I read Gift From the Sea, which was a perfect read for this weekend of solitude.
I didn't get many pictures of this weekend, (my camera is still in the shop), but I did get a few with my old camera. I really can't believe that I even used that old thing....it took really crummy pictures. Made me appreciate my beloved camera!

Thank you for all the sweet wishes for our anniversary.
Until next time, maybe I will be able to get a chance to upload some of the pictures.


  1. what a lovely way to celebrate something so worth celebrating!

    here's to many more years to you!

    (and here's wondering how many you've already had?)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth... It will officially be 6 years tomorrow!

  3. awesome! i hope they've been lovely!

    we get to celebrate 7 in november!