28 September 2008


A friend of mine and her daughter came to visit last week. We shared some good company and enjoyed a much needed, refreshing hike on a few trails through the Botanical Gardens.

The trail followed the river, pretty low but very lovely water.

We found a snake skin hiding in the leaves aside the trail. It actually turned out to be a pretty long snake.
HA! This is actually a picture of a tree that I flipped upside down.
It reminded me of a pair of legs. :)

I just really love the twist of this big beautiful tree!

Heading back into town more than a few turkeys were walking along side of the road. We stopped, pulled out the kids and talked to them a bit. These were males and were absolutely beautiful. I told O I would love to have one of the turkey's feathers and he wanted to actually pull one out...wouldn't that have been a sight?!

Ah, a fresh batch of essential oils....
and you can't get something without giving up something.....my camera has been dropped yet again......but thank goodness for warranties!

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  1. thanks for stopping by bitofsunshine.typead.com

    i love visitors!

    also, how fun that your family picture is a shadow! i put a picture of my kiddos and me as reflections in the lake on my blog right before you visited me. ben (my husband) was working, or we would have had him in there, too.

    i'll stop by again!

    oh! ben saw your tom turkeys last night and was amazed - two toms together!