13 September 2008

Leaf Tree

My child never really got picky about his food until he was about 2 years old. Then his tongue feelers took a left turn. He stopped eating things he used to love. I think for him it's a texture thing. I can feed him a bite of food with say, cheese, zucchini, couscous and broccoli and within his bite in his mouth, he can go in and pull out the zucchini...and just the zucchini.
Along with being a picky water is his appetite. He's not much of an eater, (most of the time) and if he has a taste for something, he won't eat anything unless he has eaten that one thing first. So for dinner the other night. I fixed him everything he loves to eat; kale, fried okra, couscous and green beans. I should have taken an after picture to show you how much, or really how little there was left on the plate. It sure does make you feel good after the plate is scraped clean!

The kale is a recipe from Feeding the Whole Family. And this has been a family favorite for a long while!

Since the seasons have changed at our home already we have begun our indoors Fall Festival.
We went for a walk last week and took up a big collection of leaves that had fallen from our maple and oak trees and built our Leaf Tree.

Attaching our found leaves on our tree.

Now there's somewhere to put all of those leaves that are picked up on a daily basis. Cause you know every time you go outside something is bound to be picked up!
A finished but never-ending leaf tree project.

Next week, I have a collection of before and afters so stay tuned.

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  1. Ansley---
    I'd be really proud if I were you. Oscar is THREE years old and you've got him eating kale and couscous?!! (Two things I have never had) Most kids his age are on a steady diet of cupcakes, cheerios, and capri suns...or is that me??

    My mother was astonished when I sauteed okra...Joe grows great bunches of it. Said she had never seen it any way but fried...but sautee-ing it was great and you could toss it with linguine and anything else...I put in lots of seasoning stuff and onions/shallots.

    Have not quite adjusted back from American time yet so I was up at midnight making chocolate chip cookies and my special penne pasta last night!

    Will be back in Georgia pretty much to stay in November.