08 September 2008

Special Wishes

My birthday has come and gone....my birthday wishes have changed since getting older and having a family. Cloth napkins were high on the list, cause you know you can always use those! Anything given to me by O just melts my heart. Especially the bag o' leaves. All ones he picked up and found, (with only moms birthday in mind) from around school campus to our own garage. They have beauty within themselves however only beautiful because of how they were given from a pure giving heart.

The beautiful flowers are from my love. The leaves decorating the bottom of the vase are, of course, the ones given ones from O along with the stick, for "just in case".
I enjoyed a relaxing day with a quiet morning all to myself then brunch with my family, a nap and a hubby cooked dinner completed with a candle wished cake. It was a magical day and I thank my family for just being my family!

The birthday/seasonal table. My favorite card being the mermaid card on the left. Oscar is into mermaids ever since reading how Little Bear pretended to catch one. He plans to go fishing and catch one!
Hope you catch something wonderful in your day as well!


  1. Was your birthday today? Sept. 8? If so, we have the same birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Did you read Soule Mama? Another one!) September birthdays are good...


    xoxo MJ

  2. Ack, did I miss your birthday? Oh no! We need to go out and eat some cake. Belatedly.

    The 6th?

    Forgive me?

  3. Thank you Thank you and Happy Birthday to you MJ!