24 September 2008

Mountains And A Finished Sock

Oscar and I ventured up to the mountains to begin our week. We hung out with my grandparents, O's great and had yet another wonderful trip.

Thank goodness this time it wasn't storming! We played in another one of my grandmothers boxes of knitted and sewing goodness.We collected O's boot full of acorns...a full boot!

I can't quite decide what to do with them. They are so big and beautiful with many different colors, I would be just happy sitting with them at the kitchen table and imagining the different faces and putting names to them.

Really, they are stunning. I'll post pictures next week of the different ones that struck my fancy.

We had a full ride, hanging with the grandparents, collecting acorns, driving around the mountains, went to visit my bestest friend, went to watch my brother play softball, and then we shopped with my mom.

Notice O's new outfit, with new shoes to fit. He's very proud of them and thinks he can run faster in these shoes.
I got in a little knitting and wound up finally finishing mine and O's first sock! Woo Hoo! I received a lot of help at my favorite local handy dandy knit shop. So it's off to start on the other foot......

Until next thyme!


  1. Go Ansley! Your sock rocks!

    See you soon : )


  2. Thanks C!
    Welcome to the blogging world....
    hope to see you soon

  3. It's so funny that so many blogs feature photos of acorns but I haven't seen a single one locally. I need to get myself to a forest with my son and see if he can locate them. Gorgeous sock.