17 September 2008

Brunch B&A

'Brunch in the Field' was held this past Sunday at a dear friends farm.
You may remember it from last year.
Local Chefs prepared some wonderful fixings all made using Tim and Alice's milled products. Grits with shrimp, chicken and sausage, pork ribs with porridge and an arugula watermelon salad. If that wasn't enough there were 3 desserts to chose from! It was all very tasty but I think my favorite was the Grit Pie! It's texture was smooth, and tasted a little like custard topped with a blueberry sauce. Oh my delicious!
It was a fun day and again this year O got to pick him out another one of Mikes creatures.
Last year he picked up, um picked out "his woman". This year he decided on a dog, he calls "his baby".
So, now he needs a daddy, he says. Very cute indeed!

Pictured below are some local crafts people doing demos and selling their art.

Blacksmith doing a demo making handles. Very focused, intense, hot and skillful work.

Tim and Alice's milled products are named after their Mule, Red Mule Grits.

Louise spinning with some wool. She had some very cool fibers she was working with.
Wool, raw cotton, flax, (that she grew) and linen.

Her products to show through the spinning she has done.

Hope you have a wonderful day
....until tomorrow...


  1. That looks like the most fun...I'd love to attend something like that!

  2. That looks amazing! I'm sure I just read about it in one of my favorite magazines this summer...coastal or cottage or martha stewart living, maybe? You're so lucky to attend.

  3. ***********linn**********
    I'm sure it was in one of those magazines. I am very lucky to attend and know Tim and Alice. They are 2 of the sweetest people I know!!