09 March 2008

Works in progress...

....Well, one finished and one a work in progress.

This is a pillow that I put together last year around Christmas time. I had finished everything but sewing up the top where I added the filler, (which was given to me by a dear friend, Sarah.)
I just love the blues and the flowers in this pillow!
So, yesterday, I hunkered down and finished the top. And might I say, Oscar loves 'his' pillow, that I sewed for him!
nyway, here's the front and the bottom is the back, just a demim blue.

I was actually thinking of just displaying it, it's too pretty to lay a head on.

Here is the painting Chad and I are working on for my brother, who got married last month.
But hey! better late than never, right?
It's a painting of a wedding vase. It's done on 2 canvases, with Chad's painting on the right side and mine is the left, of course, the one with flowers.
Hopefully, we can get them there next week for their 1 month anniversary (we'll see about that), along with their unity candles, that I brought all the way to Florida, in a car! (without breaking), and forgot to bring to the wedding......
Oh geez, I hope they don't break on the way down, in the mail truck!


  1. I love the wedding vase. Hope made us one for our wedding, that we used in the ceremony. I think they are a wonderful symbol of unity.

  2. Thanks Heather!
    I'm a little late on getting this to him, but it came at a good time.