02 March 2008

New Things

So I headed up to the mountains for the day on Friday.
I visited a dear dear friend, Amanda and we set out for some trouble, in a Thrift Store.
(A little plug: Amanda's husband, Matt Granberry has written and directed a play, Splitsville, going on this coming Thursday thru Saturday at the Sautee Comunity Center.
You can find out more about Matt Granberry, the play and how to get tickets here.)

So, back to thrifting.....I saw these wonderful (I call them) Port wine glasses. They are so beautiful and very delicate, only about 4 inches tall. I just knew they were meant to be mine, especially being 25% off!

The etching on these glasses (as you see below) is what sold me, really added such personality to these tiny, delicate glasses.
The picture doesn't do justice of how the etching is on the glass, but you get my point.

Along with my Port Wine glasses, I also picked up some grass green cloth napkins and two Sake cups. I really don't drink that often, however, when I do I like to drink with a little sophistication!

So after this excursion, I felt like a new woman, I had visited the mountains,drank some local coffee at Sweetwater Coffee House, did some good thrifting and was around lovely company!
Oh and thank you mom and dad for watching the little one!

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