19 March 2008

It's a Girl!

So, Pinky died and returned to the biggest fish bowl ever! It was very sad to see him go, he had such personality and was so very friendly. He loved Oscar's art work. Oscar would set up paintings for him to see on the side of the tank and Pinky just loved it, made him feel right at home!Anyways, so we went out and purchased a new fish, Fishy Nixy is her name.
Oscar wanted a red fish, so we found one that had red stripes....mostly blue though.
He adores her, as you can tell from the picture.

Oh, and finally Chad and I finished my brother's wedding gift.
It's a painting of a Native American wedding vase.
It's meant to bring luck, eternal love and happiness into their marriage.

Painting in progress....outside on our back deck.
It was so lovely outside yesterday that I sat outside and finished the painting, while Oscar and Chad ran around.

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