25 March 2008

Breath of Spring

Ah, the seeds are hatching and the bulbs are blooming.
My two sweeties brought home some tulips, from their weekend grocery store trip and then cut some fresh flowers from our yard.
We planted these bulbs a few years ago, I remember walking around the yard with Oscar tied onto my back. Digging up the earth to plant these fresh bulbs.
I did plant some red tulips, we are waiting for those to blossom....not too much longer!

And the seedlings have sprouted and are growing about as fast as Oscar is!! Really!
You can almost watch them grow!
We have started, tomatoes, peppers; sweet and hot, eggplant, zucchini, squash, and lots of sunflowers, gourds and a few other different flowers.
We grew them last year, and did well with them, just hope to do better with them this year!
I think it's only natural to learn something from each plant and teach yourself new things year to year!

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