06 March 2008

Gardening and Brunch

We went to Lowes last weekend to pick up some trays to start our seeds. usually we have a ton of them hanging around outside, however, I started some early Spring cleaning and threw away most of the trays and pots. But, I do think it's a good idea to freshen up your trays every year anyway so that disease is not spread to the seedlings.
So, at Lowes: Oscar decided he wanted his own garden. So, we found these seed in a cup, just add water. We bought him a couple cups and he is very excited!
The Sunflowers just started sprouting this week...they sit on the window sill in the bathroom where they get about 8 hours of sunlight.
He is thrilled!

Here we went out to a lovely Brunch at The Grit.

It was super delicious, Oscar loved his freshly squeezed Orange Juice!

I think we all wound up sharing with each other: Breakfast Burrito with eggs, beans, tomatoes; Biscuits and Vegan Gravy; Banana and Walnut Pancakes and some fresh hot coffee.....wow, this makes me really hungry!

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