20 March 2008

Spring Fever!

Spring has welcomed herself right into our home.
Last night we painted eggs, blocks, little people, butterflies and made paper eggs in the hopes that Spring Bunny will come a little earlier to our home.

I added an art piece that was traded last year, from Cheri. I just love her stuff!!
So, being an egg- head the piece had to get added to our Spring collection above our fireplace!
I love the freshness that Spring brings except my sinses don't really...


  1. I think painted eggs are a humourous but deep tradition in the american culture. What it has to do with the religion I don't know but I think its still a fun part of our heritage. Eggs as the beginning of life, in most all creatures. I hope you and the spring bunny have a great time.

  2. Oh, I totally agree!
    Do eggs really come from bunnies?
    Yes, my son knows where they do come from, we have chickens....
    It is a funny American tradition...HAHA
    However, I believe it doesn't have anything to do with religion, it has more to do with rebirth....of Spring, in this case.... ie The Spring Bunny