29 July 2009

Last Week Doings

This post is totally unrelated, a collage I'm calling it from our days last week.

Our new hen. We collected some feathers from a friends chickens and made our new refrigerator friend.

You can't beat piles of books and snacks of cheese, crackers and fresh blueberries on the living room floor...I love those days!

Our new chore chart. This is a new thing for us. Oscar wanted to start buying things himself, no problem, I say, let's find ways for you to make some money, right!?
It's a list of things around the house he can do along with a list of things he wants to buy with his money. Simple things, you know: a horse with a trailer, a car, guitar, farm and the book, A Pocket for Corduroy.
He has a very light weight load of chores to do:
setting the table for dinner, feeding the cat and dogs in the mornings, keep his room picked up by the end of the day, water his rock garden and keep a good attitude.
They all seem to get done by Sunday, which is when we started the chart, and he gets one dollar either way. Because he does put in the effort, just sometimes he loses attention....don't we all!
And we couldn't do without some thrifting last week! A new quilt and some great new glasses that I (we) really love!!
Have a lovely (as always) hump day!

(Edited to add O's chores)


  1. I love the quilt, what a great thrifty find.
    What chores does your son have to do to get a horse with trailer?
    Great week!

  2. I really like the quilt too, and then fridge hen.

  3. And a beautiful collage of your week it is!!
    You have such beauty in your days, thank you for sharing that with all of us : )