01 July 2009

Swinging and a Little Felting

Oscar's favorite cousin, Sage came to visit for a couple days, just in time for his birthday. After a busy weekend we are just starting to get back into our daily groove. We have had a birthday celebration that lasted 4 days so the transition has just begun. Keeping two very active boys busy and to keep them from hurting each other is very draining.
So, today we laid low, just Oscar and I.
It's not so hard to do with a *new* hammock from my dear hubby!
We also finally took down the baby swing and hooked up the hammock chair that I received for my birthday 2 years ago!

So worth waiting for!

Laying low today meant reading on the hammock with smoothies and felting some new bookmarks. What a simple luxury ~ setting your book up for the night with a new bookmark.

Oscar rolled and rolled until his head almost came off

Some felted soap also happened....yay!

Have a lovely day today!


  1. yeah baby! the roving makes your skin as soft as a babies bum!

  2. pretty! And I want a hammock!

  3. i was just telling chad yesterday, I don't know what we did without one for so long!!

  4. the only problem we're having is dinner is not being made until dark!

  5. felted soap. I had forgotten about that. Last time I tried to make it I had some trouble. Can you share a few pointers? What if you don't have that lovely rough surface you have - any ideas?

  6. do you get your roving online? I was going to make some wet felt jingle balls but need a good source.

  7. I sell roving. I've been buying Jacob fleece from an amish farmer down the road from us. I have it washed & carded locally & made into roving. If felts well, but if you want colors you'll have to dye it. I've left it in it's natural black & white state.

  8. Sorry: here is a link

  9. holly, i get my roving from a local lady....
    i felt with bubble wrap ~ I have plenty of it from shipments!
    I just wrap the soap tightly in the bubble wrap and scrub... I also add a few layers to make sure the soap is well covered

  10. Our felted soap from you is sitting in our shower! It's so pretty!