14 December 2008


Hi Friends,

I have returned....from the beach and from life.
I have lots to share; beach pictures, knitting projects finished, holiday markets and our daily going ons.
But not to overload, I'll slowly share with you first things first: baby love

meet Reah Hali, our new niece. a whole 6 lbs of baby goodness

Little Lucy's knitted hat.....hopefully pictures of her soon
(my friend amanda's new baby)

A few pictures of Reah's little hat

And her blanket.....finished in Florida. It wound up being 36" across and wide.....
It's hard to tell when you're knitting on circulars!

And finally finished socks....mine and Oscar's!

Me and my brother

I'll bombard with Florida beach pictures in this coming week!

until then


  1. Hey Ansley,

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. What a sweet babe! Your blanket turned out beautiful! And lots of other knitted goodies! I have missed seeing you around. Maybe when things settle down a bit we can hang and knit as before.

    <3 Christina

  2. good to hear from you again...i got scared when you were so absent. so i am excited to see the new posts.

  3. nice to 'see' you again!

    it sounds like you had a lovely time!

    what a sweet baby!

    and what lovely knitting!

    merry christmas!