31 December 2008

Spring Cleaning in December!

Now that I have some help during the days I have started doing some spring, ahem, winter cleaning. We played outside all day with just tee shirts on, it's just ridicioulous warm here! I would love to see some cold weather and some snow, but really I can't complain; I have 2 full weeks with hubby here and the weather is perfect for working and playing outside!

One of my goals for 2009, to simplify. So, today I started this goal in the garage. This is literally soemthing I have been wanting to do for 4 years! I put on my gloves and got to work;
throwing out, recycling and goodwilling. While I was obtaining my goal,
O and hubby were setting up a ping pong table on the other end of the garage. We were having a good time with O, he just couldn't get the word "ping pong" out right, it comes out king pole or pong ball.
We finally found the shells from the last two times we had been to the beach. We cleaned up O's kitchen and set out the shells to look at them. It's amazing that each one is so unique. It makes me think of the book, Gift from the Sea. If you are female and you already haven't read, you must read!
I really hope that you have a wonderful New Years and are warm and cozy with the ones you love.... I know I will be!
See you in the new year....
until then


  1. Hi Ansley...

    In Scotland & England for a month before returning home to Georgia. Really jet lagged & freezing here! We spend our New Year's Eve admiring the lights, the kilts and the pipers in Edinburgh! I love hearing about your clean out, very inspiring and I will be imitating your example very soon!

    Did you notice the shape in that shell on the bottom picture of your post? It looks like a butterfly is carved in it. Was that there naturally? Amazing!

    Hope you all have a new year full of continued brightness, warmth, and discovery with O every day...


  2. cleaning is grand any time of year! very soon ben is going to build me another closet and then i shall be cleaning and organizing, too! what a great way to start the new year!