23 December 2008

Peek -a- Boo!

It was so fun picking out our tree this year. O ran from tree to tree, shouting "this is our tree!"

During some of the cutting hubby got some prickles stuck in his hand....ouch!
My thoughts for tree hunting this year was to have no expectations. Because if you have never had a fight in the tree yard you are a lucky one!

We spent some time putting up the tree....it didn't want to stand on it's own! Oh no, over 2 hours of work went into getting it to stand in its tree stand! Finally getting it decorated...then having pomegranate pudding for dinner...yummy.

O and I took a trip to see Amanda and Family up in the mountains early last week. It was a gray day but still so beautiful. The fog was low and making holes in the mountains....so lovely!

O has gotten into building. I love watching him piece together each block with such precision.

We made some bird feeders for the winter birds lingering around our home.

O spent some time with the grands so there was an early solstice celebration.

I love this picture, it captures how I feel about my little one.
Always with a shining light surrounding him.

Happy Solstice and Happy Holidays!
until we meet again


  1. That last picture of O is wonderful! It was so fun to see you guys out last weekend. We'll definitely have to do that again soon! Blessings to you and the family for Christmas and the new year!

  2. same here....we had such a good, relaxing time last week... Glad we could see you guys!
    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday as well!

  3. bitsofsunshine.typepad.com28 December, 2008

    love the sparkly O - that's wonderful!