27 December 2008

Days of Nothing and Everything

I love what goes into the holidays, even the stress part. Getting everything just right, gifts made and bought, the push that makes the holidays what they are. Then there is the days after when nothing is to be done. And this is what I love most! When you can sit back and look at everything just the way it is.
Hubby has some time off between christmas and new years, so I have made a little list of things that I need to get done, like:
cut my hair, take down holiday decorations (this entails also putting them back into the attic), hanging up bird houses and feeder, sweep kitchen and vacuum carpet, take a shower and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner....you know the detail list of things you wish you could find time to squeeze them in or mainly just to have someone able to help.

So, the list has begun to get checked off.....

hair has been cut; 3 inches, check.

christmas decorations have been taken down and stored in the attic. check.
and items have been taken back to the store for returns. check.
This may already sound like a lot but I can assure you there has been plenty of knitting, tea drinking, block building and game playing around here.....

Oh! and practicing with my new lens!

I was so lucky to have attended some local holiday craft shows. As O gets older I am able to do more shows. I have met some really wonderful talented artist. At the hand-craft-it festival in Madison I had the pleasure to meet so many awesome people! Jess was my neighbor, an awesome artist and pattern designer.
Then there was a lovely lady whom I received a hair barrette from.
How I do love trades!

Among some others that I dug were:
Alison of LoveAlison, whom creates vintage pin up girls collages.
I couldn't pass this one up...."I am Wonder Woman". Alison says that there is one that will speak to you and this one did because I sure did want to be wonder woman when I grew up!
She can even create a collage with your picture in it! The thought has crossed my mind...for fun.

There was Wendy from Miss Fitt, who creates awesome felted hats, scarves, hand warmers and pins. I mean really, look at this....it can't get any cuter!
I would love to rehash the awesome group of talent at the hand- craft- it festival but you can look on their website for the list of artists that participated.

Okay I must get back to knitting....my hubby's head is getting cold!



  1. Ansley,

    Love to see all the excitement over at your place...looks like a really merry Christmas time. I just cut my hair by two inches. I felt like Jo in Little Women. It was tragic. I hate cutting my hair. But my mother thought it would make it thicker. I'm 26 but I can't help listening to my mother.

    Oh dear.

    I just love the picture of O at the top of the page!! How did you do that? Is it sparklers? It's wonderful and captures his essence.


  2. Erin, I also hate to cut my hair...but I had so many split ends!
    And I still listen to my mom...she gives good advise, most of the time.
    Yes, those are sparklers, celebrating an early solstice.