20 November 2008


I have been enjoying browsing through this flickr group, s t i l l.
It's reminded me to remain in the present.
So, I leave you with a couple photos from O's collection.....s t i l l.

Have a grand week......we'll meet again after holidays.


  1. I love this...the world from Oscar's perspective! He caught a nice light.

  2. Beautiful. I must hang up my wind chimes!! I have been in this house 3 and a half years and not hung them up yet!

  3. oh, hello! thank you for stopping by my blog! as always, i wish i had prizes - or at least coffee and cookies - for everyone who left a comment!

  4. Rachel (Grace and Luke's mom)14 December, 2008

    It took me until I saw you with Oscar to realize where I knew you from (ACE) at the Big City Bread craft sale Friday night! Thank you for being so patient with our raucous group of homeschoolers next to your table. Hope to see you again some time soon!