11 November 2008

I am trying to get caught up on loading my photos onto my computer. So, excuse that the posts are not up to date.
I really meant to blog about this the weekend we went because we had such a great time!

O and I went to a Fall Festival a couple weeks ago and had so much fun! It was a dreary day with cool winds and rain, so I wasn't expecting much for the day. The festival was held at the Lyndon House downtown. This is a great place for teaching and participating in art classes.

There was music and much dancing.

The festival was geared towards kids and had different activities separated into rooms.

The first we spotted was the sewing room, where quilts were also designed. They placed squares for the children to 'make their own'. Here is O's pieced together quilt that he was so proud of and wanted to take home.

Wood Toy Making
We left with several spin tops, a rubber band car and a ball game.

There was butter making....

A drawing room

Doll making

On the way out the door we were asked to fill out a comment sheet on how well the festival was put on. In place of our time filling out the comment sheet we were pleasantly surprised to be given a handmade quilt.

It was not only beautiful but kept us warm on the carriage ride over
to the next house of festivities.

The horses were absolutely the biggest I had ever seen. So beautiful!

Their feet were HUGE!

There was a really cool train station set up that O adored! He stood there so long to watch the trains that he was given a chair.

The players on the ball field were so detailed and weren't much taller than 1/4 "

So about 6 hours later we stumbled over to a nearby local restaurant and got a fantastic lunch, complete with some homemade chocolates..... I love days like these!

Now, two weeks later we are putting together our own little quilt, pictures hopefully soon.

until we meet again


  1. That looks like so much fun!

  2. oh, this sounds like such a lovely day! it's o.k. that you didn't post about it right away - you got to relive it now when you posted about it. *smile* the train set - wow. i love tiny detailed setups like that. and it looks like the music was blue-grass, or folk? wonderful, i'm sure. and i LOVE quilts. can't wait to see pictures of yours!

  3. I wish I had remembered to go to the other building, (although A was waaaay beyond tired by that point.) What fun!