01 July 2008

30 Days of Happiness :: 9

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes. It turned out to be a lovely day for a party!

O's notebook that I finally finished the night before. So simple, I got the design for it from Martha Stewart. I measured the drawing pad and added about an inch for sewing around and then add another pocket on the opposite side for color pencils, crayons, water colors.

For Os, I made an open pocket for the crayons, because we gave him a basket of art supplies with some watercolors that will fit into that same spot. I sewed the ribbon in between the two pieces of felt.

A very lovely doll house given to O by my bestest friends!

I'm truly honored to have such wonderful family and friends that care so much for our family!

1 comment:

  1. What lovely gifts. My son is turning one this weekend and I have no idea what to do for him. Thanks for reminding me I can MAKE something. What a novel thought!
    Thank you for sharing your life!