21 July 2008

30 Days of Happiness:: 18

Ah, I didn't realize that I had went away for so long. Without my camera it's really different.
I see something that is beautiful and I have to think twice about my camera being at the shop.
So sad....
Happy, Happy, Happy.....
I made my best blueberry blackberry pie ever! Being my 2nd berry pie ever made, it was easy to judge. But knowing that it was eaten by my family in less than 2 days, I would say it was pretty freakin good.
O has chosen to change up his bed time routine a bit. Instead of reading a few books he has taken up dancing. It's really fun and it exerts a lot of built up energy. So, at bedtime we all dance to about 3 radio songs and crash out in bed.
I would say that's a good way to end a day!


  1. we dance all day long...that is the only thing to do in the heat of the day. River is a dancing fool and he loves the drum circles on the beach they have every sunday at sunset...please come see us here!!!

  2. Hi Ansley,

    Well I can't say we have drum circles on sunset beaches...but we do have kilted pipers on the streets of Glasgow.

    Would love to know what kind of music gets Oscar going.

    We get into Atlanta on Thursday and would like to come to market on Sat., what time is it from?

    We're going to stop in Athens for the day on the way up to the lake Sat.


  3. I love it! What a wonderful way to end the day.