08 July 2008

30 Days of Happiness :: 16

I love having completed a project that was in the long term works. By long term, I mean 5 months. Liking to have complete projects finished in a short rather than long term I would say that I'm a typical Virgo. Except for knitting which I know it's going to take me nearly all year to finish a project!
So, in completion, I gave to Oscar his Valentines gift (from this year). It's a box that I decoupaged (it's not perfect, it's my first decoupage) with various pictures of animals, words (like puddle jumper, perfect, believe etc..)
that remind me of him, colors he enjoys and I couldn't leave out his hand print.
Ever since he was able to stand, he has loved to scan his hand in our scanner making his hand print. He has done various things with his hand; colored them, cut them out, given his hand for birthdays.
Filling the inside with a beautiful perfect flower, rabbit fur and writing a love message to him,

just telling him how much I enjoy his little soul.
Anyways, so I finally gave the finished product to him, which he immediately went outside and filled with various sizes of rocks. I think he likes his box.

And I can't let you go without a picture of something blueberry!

The recipe for this was simple:
I used Amy's cheat sheet for the crust
and the filling was blueberries, some with strawberries
some arrowroot powder, maple syrup and a squeeze of lemon.
Bake for approx 25 minutes
Very simple and very good!

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