25 May 2011


Between preparing for spring/summer markets, planning summer activities, changing diapers and soap making, there has been some first for a certain boy, some yummy snacks made and fishing at the pond.

We finally got around to pulling out our strawberries and the first to be made was this strawberry sorbet, recipe from Apples for Jam. Love love love this cookbook. Oscar and I made this sorbet a couple years ago and I forgot just how good it was. We added some whipped cream and ohhh how yummy!

strawberry sorbet1

afternoon snack

oscar fishing

This evening went from watching the sunset and fishing late in the day by the pond to Oscar catching his very first fish.

caught fish


o and dave

This little baby frog went from this...


to....something smooshed in my sandal.
(maybe not this exact frog, but probably his brother or sister :/)

These events of my life make me think about how grateful and proud I am to mother these two sweet, ever changing beautiful boys.
I can't believe how much they grow and change over such a short time.
My big one has graduated from kindergarten to first grade, caught his first fish, is learning to save his money for things he really enjoys and is such a big helper to his new little brother.
I'm so thankful for the time I get to spend with each of my boys. Whether it's reading to them, changing a diaper, hitting a ball outside, tucking them to bed at night, singing our good morning song or pulling out a splinter. I love being a mom and I cherish every moment and celebrate the life I have with my boys every day of my life.


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