25 May 2011

New Toys

Zeke and I received a gift in the mail last week from a dear friend.
It's a fun wacky knit toy that Z loves!

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I was at a Festival all day vending last Saturday and this along with a rattle that Papa Wolfe picked up on one of his travels were the only things to occupy this little one. (mama milk was also available) :)

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It's so cute to watch his hand finally grip the rattle and with a shake of his hand, the noise from the rattle startles him.

new toy

I got a new toy that I am super excited about! It's a Polaroid Super Shooter that I bought off of a friend. I love it! It's a switch trying not to take picture after picture like I do with my digital camera so I have put a limit myself.

I hope to have a relaxing weekend and wish you the same!


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