07 May 2011

Better Things To Come

It has been done. My goal is by the end of each week, preferably on Fridays, to take 5 items of clothing out of my closet to donate. I was so ready for this that by Tuesday 6 items were purged. I actually had to stop myself from throwing more into the pile!
The 6th item? One to grow on, as my Grandmother always said.

I am thrilled about this process, never believing that I could actually get rid of my clothes. Someone said recently, that getting rid of the old and unused is the only way for the new and better things to come into your life. And why wouldn't you want better things to come into your life, right?!

purge1 pic

On another note, strawberries are here....


strawberry plans

and there is a list of items that need to be made,
pie, juices, smoothies, sorbet...

so off we go as we spring into another week.

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