02 May 2011

A New Goal

I am finally ready to purge my closet! I have clothing from when I was in high school, and probably middle school. It all still fits but I need a change and I'm starting with the closet.
My goal is to purge 5 items of clothing a week, 20 items a month and donate them to a local charity. (if they'll have them!)
Sometimes, for me, especially after having a child I tend to veer towards the comfort of clothes, sweats, (yoga pants) and a sleeveless tee. The yoga pants are comfortable and the tees are simple to nurse in. So, I'll be on a hunt, after a month of purging, for some comfortable, stylish, nursing friendly clothes. Wish me luck!

Now, I'm off to paint my nails, because it's the little things in life that are so pleasing!

Happy Monday!

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