27 August 2008

A Visit to Grandmas

Oscar and I took off for a couple days up to visit our dear friend, Mountains.
Driving through quite a few rough storms, it was such a breath
of fresh air to visit old friends and family.
It was my grandmother's Birthday yesterday so we paid her a well deserved visit.

I was taken back in time looking at old photographs and frames she had
put together with her family in mind.

We knitted and talked, reminscencing about her childhood.

Although she can't remember what happened yesterday she can remember so clearly her dear brothers and sisters, how they played, what they said and how she felt.

(This picture is 4 generations: her grandmother, her mother,
her 1st daughter, (my mom), herself and her brother)

I asked her how old she felt and she replied dreamily, "I feel as I did when I was younger and could do anything".
I hope to always live in the moment and not to take my life for granted.

(This is a picture of my mom that I've always loved!)

I will return soon with pictures of my trip to Mountains!

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  1. How wonderful to have that time with your grandmother. Oscar is lucky to know her too. We are going up to Asheville next weekend to visit my grandparents and are looking forward to it. I'm excited to get some mountain-time too!