20 August 2008


So, last week and really the week before our world was a little different over here.
We had the privilege of having our nephew, Sage stay with us. Oscar really thinks the world of him....he's about the only one he'll talk to on the telephone.
I don't remember having this type of bond with anyone whom wasn't one of my brothers or sisters. As soon as Oscar saw cousin Sage, it was immediate attraction, you couldn't have pried them away from each other. And you wouldn't have wanted to, to see how much they miss one another, it really was beautiful. Seeing them react with such joy you could see the definite blood bond between these two. Blood bonds are truly amazing! We had a great time hanging out with him and will miss him until we see him again!

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  1. My favorite memories were having my cousin come to stay with us for a week in the summer. We drank kool-aid and played in the mud ... and we still laugh about it today!