11 August 2008

30 Days of Happiness :: 30

I can't believe the time has come. It has been a long but quick 30 days of happiness, lasting oh about 56 days. I've learned a lot about myself in this short amount of time. Starting at when I first started writing for my blog all the way to today, over a year later.
Looking back over my blog, I find amazment in the changes we endure in such a short time period.
Changes in myself, my family dynamics, my son, my husband, what I was doing then, how it is different or the same from today. So, I thank all thoes out there that have insired me to create my own blog, so that I may also have this great historical experience.

I hope you all have a great week, I'll taking this week off but will return soon!
Below is O's 1st stick creature made into a bean pillow bag. This was inspired by O's little friend's birthday party where we played corn hole.
Take Care!

1 comment:

  1. I love the embroidery over Oscar's little person drawing! What a special little thing, and how cool that he's started that already!