18 February 2015


My boy is back!
He flew off to California with his dad for two weeks.
We would facetime but we all missed his presence!  
He loves Cali and awaits it every year.

 It has been pretty chilly around here lately.
It rained a few days ago and left icicles on the trees.  
Very pretty but watch out from above!
And it snowed today.
It was very exciting, though
none of it stuck. 
The kids liked watching it fall and catching flakes of snow 
on their tongue.

I don't know about other children, but mine love apples.
They take a few big bites and leave around the house in various places.
Some not found till it's too late.
So, I gathered up the better half of the bitten apples and diced them up.
Threw them in a pan with some butter and sugar and had an ice cream dessert
for the youngins.

Having a pretty swell week so far.
(it's only hump day)

In Peace

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