09 February 2015

A little mountain time

 The kids and I needed a break.
So off to the mountains we went.
We and played at my parents home during the day and
joined up with friends for dinner.
We set out for donuts in the morning.
Cleveland Donuts.
They were so fresh.

 We drove through the mountains and jumped on a friends trampoline.
We stopped at Betty's country store and picked up some pumpernickel bread and pickles.
And a very large cookie for the littles.
We stopped at the river in Helen.
Zeke immediately rushed over and started climbing the rail.
Made me so nervous so we walked down to the waters edge and threw rocks.

 Valentines day is approaching.
The kids have been busy coloring hearts.
We have been working on a heart coliage project.
Hope to have it finished soon.


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