11 February 2015

Goats on the Roof

A couple weeks ago we were all sick.
And sick of being sick.

So, as you know me, it was time for a mountain ride.
It was raining, 
but I packed the brownies, some books, snacks and away we went.
(ok, here are the melted brownies...
don't ask me why the photo won't turn the other way)
and....there are no photos of the brownies, that's how yummy they were!

We stopped off at a couple thrift shops.
Picked up a few wooden pallets. 
Found these awesome birds.
I think I should have grabbed them while I was there.

It was so beautiful even though it was raining hard and very foggy.
Some places were closed due to weather, but we will be back to see some of the art shops, antique and thrift shops and!! to see the goats on the roof!
It's almost Valentines Day and we have been a crafting around here!
Can't wait to see all the creations the kids make!
In Peace,

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