20 November 2008


I have been enjoying browsing through this flickr group, s t i l l.
It's reminded me to remain in the present.
So, I leave you with a couple photos from O's collection.....s t i l l.

Have a grand week......we'll meet again after holidays.

11 November 2008

My New Neice

......Reah Hali, arrived on Friday afternoon. Family is at home and doing well.
Now I just have to wait to see her until this weekend!

The blanket?

Huh, not finished. O and I got sick yet again last week so I had to take a break from knitting. Hopefully I'll be able to knit this week and the whole way down to Florida. We'll see... I still have to provide entertainment in the car for a 3 yr old!

Sock Dreams....
Ok, I have loved knee highs and leg warmers since the beginning of time. I stumbled upon this store last year. It's stocked full of socks, leg warmers and arm warmers.
I love knee high socks. I remember as a little girl going into my dads sock drawer and
wearing his socks to school. He wouldn't be surprised to know that I do still own a
few pairs of his old socks.
I do have a love for this shop. I did however make some thigh high leg warmers last year that I adore and some arm warmers for the whole family. But, taking a couple months to make a pair, why not just order a few pairs online and have them delivered right to your door, right?
Now, must. find. money. to buy winter warmers!

The farmers market for the season has come to an end. It was a bitter-sweet moment. Committing your every Saturday morning from May-November is a big deal. I missed out on a many garage/yard sales, hanging with the fam, sleeping in......but really it was so totally worth it. I met so many new friends and usually had a great morning with Luna bread as my neighbor, how could I not have a good morning?! Fresh breads, muffins, sticky buns, oh and the chocolate chip cookies.....to die for....really, so very delicious!
The trees and leaves that morning we just so beautiful......a bright yellow and orange.
Now, just a couple days later, a bright colored leaf is a rarity!

So, fair well dear market until we meet again next May......

Sew~long friends.....
til tomorrow......
I am trying to get caught up on loading my photos onto my computer. So, excuse that the posts are not up to date.
I really meant to blog about this the weekend we went because we had such a great time!

O and I went to a Fall Festival a couple weeks ago and had so much fun! It was a dreary day with cool winds and rain, so I wasn't expecting much for the day. The festival was held at the Lyndon House downtown. This is a great place for teaching and participating in art classes.

There was music and much dancing.

The festival was geared towards kids and had different activities separated into rooms.

The first we spotted was the sewing room, where quilts were also designed. They placed squares for the children to 'make their own'. Here is O's pieced together quilt that he was so proud of and wanted to take home.

Wood Toy Making
We left with several spin tops, a rubber band car and a ball game.

There was butter making....

A drawing room

Doll making

On the way out the door we were asked to fill out a comment sheet on how well the festival was put on. In place of our time filling out the comment sheet we were pleasantly surprised to be given a handmade quilt.

It was not only beautiful but kept us warm on the carriage ride over
to the next house of festivities.

The horses were absolutely the biggest I had ever seen. So beautiful!

Their feet were HUGE!

There was a really cool train station set up that O adored! He stood there so long to watch the trains that he was given a chair.

The players on the ball field were so detailed and weren't much taller than 1/4 "

So about 6 hours later we stumbled over to a nearby local restaurant and got a fantastic lunch, complete with some homemade chocolates..... I love days like these!

Now, two weeks later we are putting together our own little quilt, pictures hopefully soon.

until we meet again

09 November 2008

Solar Festival

Last weekend we went out to the Georgia Nature Center. Although we didn't get to tour the whole 144 acres, we did however get to hear some rad live music.......

......from Dubconscious who rocked us with some reggae music.....

....and Carolyn Aiken who with her lovely blues voice soothed us. She reminds me of my all time favorites Janis Joplin. So, if you like Janis, or not check Carolyn out!
And my favorite part was that everything was ran on solar power....ah, the beauty of what nature can provide for us! We toured the owner's home nestled into the woods was just stunning. To see that we can really live in nature is really something. Wouldn't it be great to see that in 10 years most of us are living a sustainable life!

It was a beautiful way to end the Halloween weekend!

Bye Bye from the Masked Man and Dorthy

05 November 2008

Living in the Moment

I'm constantly reminded everyday, every moment of my waking days to live in the present. This can be challenging, especially when there is laundry needing to be washed, dishes to be done, blankets to be knitted, books to be read. But this is also something that needs to be done. Just to stop and just watch as happiness unfolds throughout our day. It happens with the least amount of effort.
I was reminded of this when I started out my day clearing our office and making it into a office/play room. I found O on the deck out back with a bottle of bubbles. Blowing them onto the window, catching them and then letting them go. I found myself smiling at his intensity and wonder. I thank him for this gentle reminder to slow down and take in beauty that surrounds us always.

"Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again."
Henri Cartier Bresson

until tomorrow friends

04 November 2008

I Voted!


And then got a free coffee at Starbucks........

With my two sweeties.........

O got a chocolate milk........

We sat, read and people watched.........

We ran in the school fields........

Did more people watching.......

Then grabbed an ice cream for the way home.

It was a good day.